Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Jack's New Hair

As per the last post...
The New Jack officially has the New Year '08 hair DONE and ready for debut...
It's cute..cute is a good word to define it, it's certainly NOT FIRECROTCH like it was for the '07 debut. Photos will NOT be posted until New whoever doesn't see me on New Years can get the full effect of the hair/dress/shoes/drunken photos of me and my BFF etc.

Astro Overview for you guys:
Today's normally playful Leo Moon creates discomfort with our feelings as it dynamically squares attractive Venus. Additionally, a harsh semisquare between rational Mercury and loving Venus restricts our ability to ask for what we want. A semisquare between the willful Sun and illusive Neptune heightens the difference between existing circumstances and our fantasies, while making it difficult for us to find solace by escaping into our dreams.

Aries Horoscope:
You want others to see that you are doing the right thing these days, but that can be quite a challenge. Part of the problem is that you'd rather be enjoying yourself than fulfilling previous obligations. Accepting your current place in the world isn't easy, but it's what you must do. Playtime can wait until later.

I truly do want people to see that I'm doing the right thing. After so many revelations, I'm really, really focused. I've definitely have been working SUPER hard on the trust issues I have with a few particular people and I'm feeling good about it. I have been having been having some fun, but not over indulgent because I'm really focused. I'm still tired from all the fun in Brooklyn yesterday.

Now that the new hair is in order, I can probably put the 2 people trying to shoot with me into effect. I've slacked for the last 4-5 days on the TaeBo, half out of discouraged feelings and half out of exhaustion. Right now, I'm just tired and its 11:30 a.m.
I'll be back, put in a more exciting post before the day is through....
Beauty rest for the New Jack is slightly high on the priority list.

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