Friday, December 14, 2007

Gossip Girl 2

I'm back on the Island...
accompanied by a monstrous headache, and cold...
Thank you temp job for making me CARRY mail to the post office in yesterday's blizzard because you only are a major company and thought it was better for the temp to do it,as opposed to the BIKE MESSENGERS which get paid to do these things....
Thanks dearest.

My temp job went....swell?
I originally was scheduled to bang out an 18-hour check. Let me explain how the 18 dwindles.
I was scheduled to work Wednesday and Thursday, for 9 hours. The agency called and said both Lindsay (the coolest temp ever) and myself will have 2 hours deleted from our check because the company has decided they don't need us as yet. I'm now down to 16 HOURS. From 16 hours, in a huge 300-style fight, my parents see it fit to argue in the kitchen to an extent that I MISS the LIRR. For anyone who doesn't know how LIRR (see New Jack Diction) works, if you miss ONE train, you're anally raped for the next hour. This my friends, made me approximately one hour late to work.

Keep count, now we're at 15....

In order to salvage the check, I went on the Mary-Kate Olsen diet which consists of not consuming food, but in my case the absence of cocaine abuse. I took only a 15 minute lunch break from both days for a total of an additional 30 minutes to be deducted from my check.

Finally, the company ran out of things for Lindsay and I to do, sending us home approximately, a half hour early on Wednesday.

Grand total: 14 hours. Profit status: Homeless.

Ironically, for my profit status, a "(Crank That)Homeless Man" has been released. More so my favorite, "(Crank That) Grandpa". I do the "Grandpa" very well might I add.
So I'm back on Long Island, poorer than I was two days ago, along with what will by day's ending be the flu or pneumonia.

In happier news, I'm the last person I'm sure, to be reporting that Alba is preggars! They're so cute and happy...hell I want to be as happy as she is...MINUS the baby situation.

Babies are cute, but they grow into children. Children=Satan which is directly equivalent to DEATH.

Does anyone remember this overly fierce attire?


Apparently my darling Xtina cannot keep herself away from shopping...she's such a cute blimp. Why is she out and about??

These pictures came courtesy of the fabulous, Pro Image Gallery
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