Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Does anyone get it but me?
Babies are apparently the biggest trend on the friggin block, they must me equivalent to Gucci bags or new shoes from my own darling, Cavalli.

Babies=Live Gucci Bags

view the equation:

Gucci Winter 2007 bags (courtesy of

Get yourself one while you can still get knocked up!

Jamie-Lynn Spears and friggin Lily Allen are BOTH pregnant. This adds the list of:
  • Halle Berry
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Jessica Alba
  • Every woman in Hollywood besides Amy Winehouse cause she's too drugged up to conceive...and Blake is still imprisoned right? (Loving the drunk Brits!)
I mean....from the MINUTE Britney got pregnant, the first time, I told everyone...Babies are going to be the NEW Gucci bags.
Angelina Jolie started collecting babies like collector's baseball cards and everyone else (**Madonna) starts flying their asses to Africa and the Middle East to pick out a custom bag, umm, baby of their own.

Do people understand that babies are ALIVE? These poor defenseless humans are so impressionable, and they're going to grow up and destroy the world because they are receiving the most possible neglect in the world. It's so FUNNY that the richest people are going to have the most mentally distraught children.

I mean...I'm not so much about Gucci...I'm a HUGE Cavalli fan....
Worse so, Dior...
and the latest Jimmy Choo's..are cute in COLOR but the structure isn't stellar..

I mean..I'm sorry, this is a celebrity trend I intend to EVADE at all costs. I mean AMERICA, raw sex=fabulosity BUT my goodness there are so many inventions: The Pill, Depo etc.
Maybe that's because in order to stay FIERCE for the rest of my life, I'll be making DAMN sure that I won't be having any new Gucci bags...during...or after the trend...

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Jax Poetic said...

it's not a trend...these ppl r (on 1 spectrum) realizing they're 40 like halle & if they don't make heirs now, there won't b any. the other half (spears junction) r too free & exposed w/the ppl they sex. most ppl want kids grown & gone by the time they're 40 that they(me included) can live peacefully! lol