Wednesday, December 19, 2007

World Music Awards 2007

If you aren't watching it...
It's airing now, between 8 and 10 pm on My 9 in New York..

Rihanna looked great, singing sucked...

Avril looked horrible, but sounded good
Rihanna did Umbrella of course, and Avril did my favorite song, Hot.

More at: WorldMusicAwards

Ciara wore a dress that fashionista sites had hungrily posted long ago..she got heat from them, I personally think I love the dress..

take a look at the site for the dress in the Gallery..both her and Rihanna especially looked uber fierce on the red carpet..

It just irritates me deep inside, if I were to EVER get my voice anywhere near on par as it used to be, I would have a deal because Rihanna doing NOTHING stresses me out incessantly. It's all good though kids...
The entire Rihanna gallery from the awards show: RihannaWorldMusic2007
Soon to be the NEXT and LAST big thing...

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