Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Grievances of 2007

2007 sucked.

It was just that simple.

My last 5 months at Oneonta were VERY drama filled and problem oriented. I lost several friendships over RIDICULOUS matters. A friend I was very,very close to Simone brought her true colors forward. I graduated with barely having any ties to the people in my graduating class and being alone. Everyone else I care about from Oneonta is relatively still IN Oneonta.

I worked as a slave at my internship, not getting paid or a travel stipend that totaled over $1,000 for the entire summer in commute from Long Island to Manhattan. While the WHITE intern received both a travel stipend and separate workers check. I never physically received my degree after all that work because I owe the college $1700.

The Significant and I had a HORRIBLE year in comparison to 2006. We fought through the majority of it and almost broke up for good several times. After a fabulous Saturday with him, and the last two weeks being relatively smooth, last night some feelings of bitterness of this year resurfaced in our otherwise good 2 hour conversation. I realize a lot of damage control and correction will occur during 2008. At least we've both agreed on that.

Since my internship being over and finally being allowed to work, I have YET to get a job.

After finding out in late 2006 that my major ex had slept with one of my friends, actually HIS best friends' girlfriend for some reason I found compassion to move forward and to let him into my life AGAIN. Naturally, just for October of this year him send me Facebook messages to break me down after all HE has done to literally destroy me.

I got arrested for the first time. I called the court today in efforts to pay my fine over the phone because I cannot AFFORD to commute from Long Island into Manhattan TWICE for New Years and then further more to pay the fine. My request was denied and I have to find myself into Manhattan before Friday, January 4th or another warrant for my arrest will be drafted.

Annoyances between bitterness with the Significant and the court FORCING me the unemployed person to COMMUTE to give them money I also DO NOT have has really gotten my blood to a boil. The fact that I have to be on the court grounds again makes my head hurt and makes a rage come up in me with the memories of the unfair punishment dealt differently between myself and accomplice. She definitely received the LIGHT end of the stick for the same exact crime.

2005 was the last time I oh so desperately wanted a year to end. I was sick with excitement for 2006 and 2006 was pretty excellent for me. Finally getting rid of my ex Steven. Finally, moving past what was done to me by my white roommates and finding people who really cared about me. Having my own apartment,the very first. Meeting The Significant and everything we did the entire summer together into the fall/winter of me being in Oneonta. My mother healing SO well from her double surgery. Memories with me and my girls the MINUTE I got home from Oneonta that May. Getting closer to The Significant's cousins.

Everything I've recapped on 2007 was just the tip of the Iceberg of drama. This is really the same way I felt ending 2005. When I counted down in Times Square with JaxPoetic, Linette, Jennifer, Chelsea and 7 other girls, the biggest, BIGGEST wave of relief came over me. I was soaked in Champagne, and kissed by random strangers. For once, I didn't react to my weave getting wet.

The faster 08 gets here......
the better.....

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Leah said...

Pssh, I feel u...2007 was the bane of my existence, and I've had several banes of existences. 2007 was shitty for me was because I lost a close cousin in a very violent way. It was more traumatic than losing my grandmother in 2002 bc there were so many unanswered questions. I had to even go to the hospital over that. I'm in the same boat w/u with employment...had an internship that screwed me over twice and I can't find employment in my field. It seems like in general 2007 was shitty ass year for everyone. Here's hoping 2008 is tons better...