Sunday, December 30, 2007

Absentee Parenting 101

Yesterday was a real good day....
The significant came over and spent the entire day with me to make up for his holiday schedule and the distance put between us by it. He's off this entire weekend, so I should be spending time with him going into New Years.

In further anticipation of New Years and the impatience to celebrate, the girls decided to get together to celebrate Deanna's 22nd birthday. The night was pretty theatrical to say the least. It ended in two of us carrying Deanna inside her house and putting her to bed, while her 1 year old daughter started to stir from lights on in the bedroom.
When you're drunk and its your birthday...babies do NOT matter.
It's nice when your friend is finished and you can TELL they're having the best birthday ever. That's what counts. I'll have the photos from Beanie soon to display the intoxication....

The weight of the Sun's harmonious trine to responsible Saturn helps us regain lost stability today. But lovely Venus entering adventurous Sagittarius tempts us with the other side of the coin. It's a challenge to strike the right balance between work and play. We need to fulfill our obligations but feel the urge to start celebrating the end of the year. Luckily, the Moon's entry into even-tempered Libra at 8:38 am EST helps us moderate the extremes. (Lifescript)

Unfinished chores may prevent you from going out today. Although you may have big plans for the end of the year, they could take longer to materialize. It really doesn't matter if you are in a hurry; events will unfold at their own speed. Remember that anticipation can be sweet and slowing down will make the enjoyment last longer. (Lifescript)

I am BEYOND antsy for New Years. I'm so excited I'm making myself sick and driving EVERYONE around me absolutely crazy. I might head to a mall today and do last minute accessories or possibly a new dress altogether from a Christmas gift card. After spending $16 in the worst bar known to man, I'm in a reluctant and stingy mood about my money. That $16 could have been my railroad fare HOME and my EYEBROWS that need to be tended to. *sigh* I don't give a shit how hood rich I sound either.....
New Years Eve is TOMORROW!!!

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