Thursday, December 6, 2007

Justice Goes With The Flow

Aries Horoscope: 12/6/2007
It's crucial to be sensitive now, for if you ride roughshod over others, you could stir up turbulent water. But if you slow down and move along at a steady pace while being aware of resistance as it surfaces, you can overcome nearly anything that's in your way. Don't be afraid to step back and reevaluate your plans before forcing your way through an insurmountable obstacle.

Hmmmm well I feel good. Generally, all day yesterday into this morning. Maybe because I'm very aware of what I would like, and I'm pursuing them, but also going with the flow. Something that I'm not very ABOUT. Well, let me rephrase that. I don't go against the grain in a negative fashion, but if I see something seemingly blocking my path I'm very quick to..react to say the least. I've calmed down extensively, and have been going with the flow. VERY hard for someone like myself who is obsessed with CONTROL.

In more hardcore news, Pimp C has died.....

Was it NOT literally 2-3 months ago I was killing "International Players Anthem" and "The Game Belongs To Me" ? I was always a fan of UGK, and while he was imprisoned, I supported Bun B's work in his solo efforts. I cannot believe UGK just dropped this album this year,and the man's birthday was the 29th of this month and he's gone.

R.I.P. Pimp C

In happier news though in contrast to Pimp C's passing, JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED AMERICA! This broad: (click on any image to enlarge)

Was ELIMINATED last night on ANTM. It was such a feeling of relief. Now I know a couple posts back, I was screaming at Linette's television for it to be JENAH that got eliminated, but the Heather elimination through me for a loop and I was THOROUGHLY caught off guard.
Bianca was a bitch. No other words about it.
I mean after they took her from this:

to THIS, and shaved off her damn head....I was hoping the Queens attitude would go with it...
Bitch had potential, but way too hood, and way too much of a selfish, sabotaging asshole to EVER be a Covergirl or remotely a model that has to open her mouth for any interview or commercial.
I'm just so happy justice was served....
Also, word in the hood is that Twiggy is leaving after Cycle 9, she's being replaced for Cycle 10. That saddens me, cause I love Twiggy. More ANTM news, gossip and pictures from Top Model Gossip

My predictions is deuces to Jenah who is having a meltdown and the final two should be Chantal or Saleshia like I said from day ONE (until Lisa started to step up a smidge). In which, I LOVE SALESHIA and I really want her to win, but if Chantal wins, I wouldn't be mad I love them both. I'm going with the flow.
Tyra is going with the flow and knew to get that hoodrat Bianca outta there after her terrible Great Wall of China shoot.

Man, things seem so smooth, lets hope they kind of stay that way? If I can just get some pancakes today, my life will be set...

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Are u putting up any more pictures from the shoot. When is ur website going up?