Monday, January 21, 2008


It's only 10:30 and things are moving at a quick pace...

Nikki, Cam's gf/ex-gf has spent the weekend with me and as per usual jinx, her arrival means lots of other madness going on. Yesterday I got a call from a random "917" number which landed me a two day temporary assignment with Audiovox. I was here before, as the first temp assignment after completing my internship at FTV in September. The people here are nice, and the day is relatively quiet but thats a coin flip, the phones can ring insanely here. The receptionist has come down with pneumonia, so I'm definitely here today but from what is being discussed, tomorrow as well. Good news of course, that means I can make a payment on my Verizon bill as well as my civil suit. Hopefully, by next week I'll have my taxes from all the temp assignments in my lap as well.

Yesterday was just insane as well. From Saturday and being punished for not being a direct hoodrat, then the need to exhibit the hood tendencies was obviously needed. This wasn't MY exhibition of the was The Significants. LONG story short, after being provoked by an irate customer that initially pushed The Significant, The Significant saw it fit to RETALIATE and punch the customer. Security broke up the fight, the gentleman was escorted off the NBA Store premises and now my darling, hood Significant has an 8 a.m. meeting with HR today. Being that it's minutes to 11 I'm quite interested to hear how that went. The vote amongst people that I've told thus far has been that he will not be employed by the day's end. Worse part about this? He has no intentions of "kissing HR's ass, because I'm going to tell them as it is and he should've never pushed me"

Do you still want to vote?

The Significant's car brakes, battery and tire are in need of replacements; I've been the one driving my aunt's Sentra to Nassau to see him. He has court on 2/4/2008. $600 worth of various traffic violation tickets. Other various bills and expenses including car insurance. Is it wise to NOT beg for your job at an HR meeting seeing all that's on your plate?

It's just the craziest jinx that when Nikki comes to visit as much as we plan for a banging weekend all goes wrong. Her and I did spend some MORE than fabulous quality time together. I love Nikki so much we can be so opposite but she understands the root of a lot things that have to deal with me. Finally, a woman that I can be close to!

THIS JUST IN: The Significant JUST texted me saying that by the LOVE of Jesus, they let his assault-charged ass keep his job...

I gotta focus on getting my own job since he doesn't have the intention of keeping his...maybe, Nikki-weekends aren't a total jinx afterall.

Astro Overview:
A trine between optimistic Jupiter and realistic Saturn sets a major theme into motion that places our goals within reach if we are willing to work hard throughout the year. We have enough common sense now to find the optimum balance between expansive plans and methodical follow-through. This aspect recurs in September and November, giving us the necessary time to make changes. Be bold, for today's careful Cancer Moon may err on the side of caution. (lifescript)
You don't need to do anything out of the ordinary today except believe in yourself, no matter what you face on the road ahead. This is not a guarantee of success; it's merely your ticket of entry. Your journey this year will teach you how to be more practical than ever before. Self-confidence is a good start, but you'll still have to apply yourself to succeed.(lifescript)

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Libradreamer925 said...

the theme of 2008 seems to be to make plans and to stay focused on stuff... to quote the movie finding nemo "just keep swimming...just keep swimming"