Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Show Stoppin

Ok, Ok, as much as a lot of Black America despises them, I personally LOVE Danity Kane...
(march/april 2008 KING magazine from Aubrey O'Day)

and if I ever won a contest to grab as many things out of their closets as possible I would most certainly pass away from a stroke before even meeting them. Let alone the clothing grab...

I did wake up around 3 am, and at 3:30 was VERY pleased to see MTV repeat the season premiere of Making The Band 4: Battle of the Sexes since it originally came on at 10 pm when I was asleep.
On Imeem today, I found their new single, "Damaged":

I like it A LOT. I know it's not earth shattering or life changing music...after all it is Danity Kane, but that doesn't change that I do support them.

More in DK news, Kim Kardashian was the Fall 2007 face of Famous Stars and Straps, now Aubrey O'Day is the spring 2008 face.

(from Aubrey O'Day)
Not bad, right?
Watch the new season....I'll be watching it like a crack head...

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Jax Poetic said...

...she looks like tara reid...i dont know if that's an insult or compliment. But that's what I see.